PASSENGER PRINCESS: Commuter Sits Beside Jeepney Driver “Pwede na sumakay sa tabi ni driver”

Commuter Sits Beside Jeepney Driver “Pwede na sumakay sa tabi ni driver”

PASSENGER PRINCESS – A male commuter boasts about his riding experience after sitting beside the jeepney driver during the trip.

In the Philippines, riding a jeepney has always been a unique experience, with its vibrant decorations, diverse passengers, and the opportunity to sit at the front where a small window offers a glimpse of the world outside.

For as long as anyone can remember, sitting at the front of a jeepney has been regarded as a privilege.

Passenger Princess

Passengers sitting in this coveted spot can enjoy a front-row view of the bustling streets, monitor their progress through the small mirror, and often engage in friendly banter with the driver. It was an exclusive space where only a few lucky individuals could secure a seat.

However, times are changing, and with the advent of a new trend, passengers are now embracing a different position—right beside the driver.

Here is the story of Albert Jhon Umpad, who shared his experience and sparked a conversation about this new jeepney meta.

Alberto, a regular commuter and an adventurous soul, decided to try to ride a jeepney and shared a seat with thee driver. He posting a photo of himself seated next to the driver on his social media account.

Umpad captioned it, “Jeepney New Meta: Pwede na sumakay sa tabi ni driver.” His post quickly gained attention, generating curiosity and excitement among netizens.

However, it is essential to address safety concerns. Jeepney drivers and operators must ensure that passengers sitting beside them are properly secured, adhering to seatbelt regulations for their safety.

Furthermore, local transportation authorities should consider providing guidelines to jeepney drivers regarding the seating arrangement to ensure a harmonious and safe journey for everyone.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Passenger Princess

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