Father Follows Daughter to Ensure Her Safety as She Commutes


Loving Father Earns Praise Online for Following Commuter Daughter to Ensure Her Safety A father who follows his daughter to ensure her safety as she commutes during her daily commute to work touched many hearts. TikTok user, jemyhernandez31, shared a video that struck a chord with netizens on March 6, 2024. The video quickly circulated … Read more

PASSENGER PRINCESS: Commuter Sits Beside Jeepney Driver “Pwede na sumakay sa tabi ni driver”

Passenger Princess

Commuter Sits Beside Jeepney Driver “Pwede na sumakay sa tabi ni driver” PASSENGER PRINCESS – A male commuter boasts about his riding experience after sitting beside the jeepney driver during the trip. In the Philippines, riding a jeepney has always been a unique experience, with its vibrant decorations, diverse passengers, and the opportunity to sit … Read more

Commuter Shares Unpleasant Experience w/ Taxi Driver


Male Commuter Shares Video of His Experience w/ Taxi Driver TAXI DRIVER – A male commuter has shared video footage of his unpleasant experience with a taxi driver. In this particular scenario, a commuter hopped onto a taxi from the North Ceres terminal and traveled to the South Ceres terminal. Upon arriving at the south … Read more

MRT-3 Apologizes to Student’s Damaged Laptop but Will Not Pay

MRT-3 Apologizes to the Student Whose Laptop Got Damaged in X-ray Scanner The Metro Railway Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) apologizes to the student who recently rant after a laptop got damaged in an x-ray scanner. The management of the MRT-3 apologized to a passenger whose laptop was destroyed after passing through an x-ray scanner at … Read more

Student Airs Dismay MRT 3 X-ray Scanner After Laptop Got Damaged

Student Slammed MRT 3 X-ray Scanner Over Damaged Laptop A disappointed student airs dismay to the Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT) station 3 after a laptop was damaged after undergoing an x-ray scanner. On Wednesday, March 15, a student and commuter turned to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with MRT 3 Taft Station. Allana Columbres … Read more

Generous Passenger Gives Cash to Penniless Family, Earns Praises Online

Generous Passenger

Generous Passenger Earns Praises Online After Helping Penniless Family in Public Jeepney A generous passenger goes viral and earns praises from the online community for giving cash to a penniless family. Generosity and kindness are two virtues that have been valued by societies and cultures throughout history. These qualities are often seen as the highest … Read more

Commuter Praises Terminal for Providing Electric Fan to Jeep Passengers

Electric Fan

Commuter Expresses Gratitude Towards Terminal for Providing Electric Fan to Jeep Passengers A commuter has praised and lauded a terminal for providing an electric fan to jeep passengers waiting for departure. The Facebook page “Premier Tutorial Childcare” has shared a photo of a terminal providing an electric fan to the jeepney passengers. The post circulates … Read more