Jeepney Driver & His Loyal Dog Companion Touch Hearts of Netizens

Heartwarming Photo of Jeepney Driver & His Loyal Dog Companion Goes Viral Online

MAN’S BESTFRIEND – A jeepney driver and his loyal dog companion went viral and touched the hearts of the online community.

In a heartwarming story that touched the hearts of many netizens, Bernadette Regorgo Sto. Domingo shared an extraordinary encounter with a jeepney driver and his wife together with their loyal canine companion.

Bernadette recalls the moment when she and her friends boarded the jeepney late one evening. To their surprise, the driver hurriedly made room for a cooler filled with soft drinks, indicating that the couple might have been returning from their day’s work.

Jeepney Driver

“Pasakay na po kami ng jeep nang si kuya driver nagmamadali pong isakay sa jeep yung cooler ng mga softdrinks. Pauwi na po siguro sila sa pagtitinda… Suddenly po may pasakay din pong ale yung nagbebenta. May tinatawag po siya akala ko po tao tapos nung nalingunan po namin aso po pala pinapaakyat niya,” Domingo said.

Suddenly, a vendor approached the jeepney, seemingly calling someone. She initially thought it was a person until she noticed that it was actually a dog being called to come aboard.

The driver specifically asked the dog to sit in the front seat, near his wife. The canine companion obediently followed the command, and shortly after, the wife also boarded the jeepney.

This heartwarming scene left Bernadette and her friends in awe, as they witnessed the remarkable bond between the couple and their four-legged friend.

The sight of the jeepney driver and his wife accompanied by their faithful dog brought a sense of joy and inspiration to the lady passenger. She pondered the possibility that the couple and the dog might be a family, given the love and care they showed towards each other.

Witnessing this beautiful relationship was a comforting experience for Bernadette, especially after a long day of work. She decided to share the story on social media, hoping to spread happiness and inspire others to appreciate the companionship of animals.

“Masaya lang po kami makita si doggie kase po sinasamahan niya si ate sa pagtitinda.. Napaisip po ako baka po mag-asawa sila ate at kuya kase love nila parehas si doggie.. Nakakawala po ng pagod galing 8 hours duty makita silang ganon. Kaya pinost ko din po para madami rin po sumaya at ma-inspire na hindi lang po tao ang makakaramay natin kundi kahit po mga alaga nating hayop,” she added.

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Jeepney Driver

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