Couple Elicits Reactions Online Over Public Display of Affection Inside Jeepney

Couple Who Engaged in Public Display of Affection Inside Jeepney Goes Viral Online

A couple goes viral and elicits reactions online over a public display of affection inside a public jeepney.

Public transportation is a bustling and vibrant setting where people from different walks of life come together to commute to their destinations. Within the confines of buses, trains, and trams, individuals share a common space, navigating their journeys side by side.

Amidst this backdrop, some couples choose to express their affection openly, showcasing public displays of affection (PDA) within these public vehicles.


PDA can take many forms, ranging from holding hands and gentle caresses to passionate kisses and embraces. While expressions of love and affection are considered natural and healthy within the context of a relationship, the appropriateness of displaying such intimacy in public spaces is often a topic of debate.

For couples engaged in PDA within public vehicles, the line between expressing their affection and respecting the comfort levels of those around them can be blurry. Some argue that public transportation is a shared space and that couples should be mindful of their actions, considering the potential discomfort or unease they may inadvertently cause to other passengers.

On the other hand, proponents of PDA argue that love should be celebrated and that couples should feel free to express their affection regardless of their surroundings. They believe that public spaces should be inclusive and accepting of all forms of love and that by embracing these displays, society can foster a more compassionate and tolerant environment.


Recently, a Facebook user named Denzel So shared a photo of a couple having a public display of affection inside a public jeepney. The post quickly circulates online and garnered various reactions from internet users.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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3 thoughts on “Couple Elicits Reactions Online Over Public Display of Affection Inside Jeepney”

  1. Back when I was in Australia.. People are not allowed to gaze at other people in public places.. And it’s actually their practice not to mind other people.. They can talk and so friendly, but you can never gaze nor look attentively to anyone.. They can sue you.. It’s not allowed really.. That’s why it’s not an issue to anyone if what are other people’s actions.. Because they don’t mind and they do respect each other.. Filipinos are actually don’t know how to mind their own businesses that’s why it’s so toxic wherever you go.. Because of the mind set of Filipinos.. And the lifestyle of Filipinos are so different from other countries that’s why whatever small things it is, people has always a say for that..

    • Yes, there’s nothing wrong of their action if they are married couple. Makikita sa mukha nila ang pagod malay natin na comfort lang silang dalawa sa ganoon action at parang nakatulog sa pagod. Wala namang mali doon. Masaya ba tayo na ilagay ang picture tapos para lang e welcome ang viewers sa sari saring cominto?

  2. I think the biggest disgrace here is the photo angle being showed to millions.
    This is the biggest disgrace in your article. It is that which should be called out.
    They are in love and happily show it.
    OMG, is this the biggest thing the world has to worry about???


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