LTFRB Issues Show-Cause Order vs Jeepney Driver Who Body-Shamed Passenger


Jeepney Driver Who ‘Body-Shamed’ Passenger Issued Show Cause Order by LTFRB MANILA, PHILIPPINES – LTRFB has issued a show-cause order against the jeepney driver who allegedly body-shamed a passenger. Body shaming refers to the act of criticizing or mocking someone based on their physical appearance. This can include negative comments or behaviors directed at someone’s … Read more

Jeepney Driver in Bacolod Punched for Refusing to Join Rally

Jeepney Driver

Jeepney Driver Punched by Protester for Declining to Join Rally in Bacolod City A jeepney driver in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental was assaulted after refusing to join a rally protest. A transport protest is a public demonstration or strike organized by workers in the transportation sector, such as bus drivers, taxi drivers, train operators, or … Read more

Jeepney Driver Gives Free Rides & Snacks on His Birthday

Jeepney Driver

Jeepney Driver Earns Praise Online for Giving Free Rides and Snacks on His Birthday BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – A jeepney driver gives free rides and snacks to his passengers as he celebrates his 53rd birthday. Offering free rides on jeepneys can be a fantastic way to support communities, especially those in need or during special events. … Read more

Furious Man Criticized for Aggressive Behavior Towards Jeepney Driver

Furious Man

Furious Man Earns Criticisms for Showing Aggressive Behavior Towards Jeepney Driver During Altercation ROAD RAGE INCIDENT – A furious man was criticized for showing aggressive behavior towards a jeepney driver. Road rage refers to aggressive or violent behavior displayed by drivers on the road, often in response to the stress and frustration of driving. It … Read more

Jeepney Driver Accidentally Hits 2 Construction Workers in Lucena City

Construction Worker

A jeepney driver accidentally struck two construction workers while they were working on a manhole along the national highway in Lucena City. The construction workers, identified as Arwin De Guzman, 38 years old, and Lorhenz Padillo, 29 years old, sustained injuries when they were hit and trapped beneath the front of the public utility jeep.

Passenger to Jeepney Driver Who Buys Food at Drive-Thru “Talaga namang bida Ang saya talaga netoh!”

Jeepney Driver

Passenger Reacts to Jeepney Driver Who Takes Little Detour at Fast-Food Chain’s Drive-Thru A passenger reacts to the jeepney driver who takes a detour at a fast-food chain’s drive-thru “Talaga namang bida Ang saya talaga netoh!” For many commuters, the daily journey to work or school is often a routine filled with challenges and time … Read more