Angeline Quinto Explains Controversial Blooper in “Asap Natin To”

Angeline Quinto Reacts to Her Controversial Blooper During “Asap Natin To”

Singer Angeline Quinto gives an explanation of her controversial blooper during a recent episode of “Asap Natin To”.

Recently, the singer became embroiled in a social media controversy following a “lutang” moment in ASAP Natin ‘To. On Sunday, celebrities and many netizens couldn’t get enough of vocalists Angeline Quinto, Klarisse De Guzman, and Jed Madela, who appeared to be having their own moment in a production number.

Angeline Quinto Blooper

Angeline’s Instagram features a variety of reactions to the iconic ASAP blooper. During the Sunday noontime show, Angeline explains the amusing moment.

“Ganyan talaga pag live anu po?🤣✌️ Yung tawa ko mag isa sa backstage di ko na alam saan ako pupunta, 🤣😂🤓✌️✌️ Patuloy ang paglakad este PANGARAP pala, 😍🤣” reads the singer’s caption.

Klarisse’s also gives her reactions, “Parang nanalamin lang sa mall.😂”

Even OPM balladeer Erik Santos is amused by the viral video. Maymay Entrata, Katrina Velarde, Amy Castillo, Nikki Valdez, Kakai Bautista, and Jed himself were among those who chuckled at the viral scenario in ASAP. Several internet users have asked the singer what happened.

“Hindi kasi kami nasabihan agad na kami na ang susunod na prod. Pag-akyat ko ng stage narinig ko intro na ng kanta ni Kuya Jed, ayun umexit ako ulit, 🤓🤓” the singer apologized to the netizen and actually teased the behind the scene in the viral blooper.

Angge responded to a similar query from another netizen. Those netizens, on the other hand, are in a happy mood as a result of the magnificent video. Many people are giggling online after seeing copies of the blooper on the left and right.

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