Kuya Kim, Joross Gamboa Defends Michael V from Rendon Labador

Kuya Kim, Joross Gamboa Reacts to Rendon Labador After Calling Michael V “Laos”

Kuya Kim Atienza and Joross Gamboa react to “laos” remark of social media personality Rendon Labador against comedian Michael V.

Kapuso trivia expert Kuya Kim Atienza, actor Joross Gamboa, and other celebrities agreed with Kapuso comic Michael V’s comments about content creators in a Facebook post. On April 29, 2023, Bitoy stated that the first thing any “content creator” needs to understand is the definition of the term “content.”

Kim Joross Michael V

Many netizens agreed with what the “Bubble Gang” and “Pepito Manaloto” comedian remarked. Rendon Labador, a notorious social media personality-entrepreneur and “motivational speaker,” has a different reaction.

“Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo. WE CONTROL THE MEDIA NOW,” he said.

Rendon added, “INFLUENCERS are the new celebrities! Kung hindi ninyo kayang makipagpatalinuhan sa mga INFLUENCERS sa pag-produce ng content.. manahimik na lang kayo. MAINSTREAM IS DEAD!!! Social media is the NEW MAINSTREAM.”

It appears that celebs Kuya Kim, Joross Gamboa, and Dr. Kilimanjaro, who all have social media presence on various platforms, are reacting. According to Kuya Kim, it is not about the views, but about the substance of the content.

Joross, on the other hand, stated that many people were not moved by Michael V’s message. He stated that quality is more important than quantity and that content makers should have a sense of purpose and duty. Rendon or Bitoy has yet to respond, react, or make a remark on this.

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