Nadine Lustre Advice to “Selosa” People: “Fully trust your partner!”

Nadine Lustre Gives Advice to People who Are “Selosa” Towards Their Partners

Filipina actress Nadine Lustre gives advice to people who are “selosa” or not trusting their partners.

Although she is pleased with her French partner Christophe Bariou, she gave her thoughts on relationships in an interview with the local lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan Philippines. The award-winning actress offers advice to partners who are easily envious and possessive.

“I learned that being jealous could also come from insecurity. If you’re not really secure about yourself, definitely, when you’re selosa, if your boyfriend is hanging out with another girl na friend lang naman talaga. Sometimes, you tend to get a bit worried and insecure,” said Nadine.

“It has a lot to do with your confidence, really. And also trust,” she added.

Nadine Lustre Selosa Advice

The actress also noted how vital trust is in keeping a relationship. She mentioned that it is something that is formed when people communicate well with one another.

“You have to fully trust your partner and know that he’s not gonna do anything wrong. And the thing is with trust, you have to build it. It’s not overnight. Like you really have to build it, you have to communicate, you have to have this kind of connection, and it’s not easy. But then, a relationship is never going to be easy. Who says it’s easy?” she explained.

“I guess my advice is to really work on your trust in each other. And make sure that you’re open to one another. If there’s something that’s making you uncomfortable, tell him right away,” she added, based on the article of Bandera.

The scandal surrounding her breakup with actor James Reid has recently resurfaced following the revelation of ex-boyfriend and model Issa Pressman’s true score. Issa was the alleged third party’ between James and Nadine, thus they split up in 2020, which the model quickly refuted.

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