Nadine Lustre and Christophe Bariou’s First Interview Together

Nadine Lustre

Viral online is the first interview of Nadine Lustre and her non-showbiz boyfriend together. Award-winning actress Nadine Lustre and her non-showbiz boyfriend Christophe Bariou granted an interview together for the first time. The award-winning actress and her businessman beau are actually really low-key in their relationship. They don’t often share posts about each other online … Read more

Nadine Lustre Boyfriend – Meet Christophe Bariou

Nadine Lustre Boyfriend

NADINE LUSTRE BOYFRIEND – FAMAS 2023 Best Actress Awardee is currently in a relationship with Christophe Bariou. In August 2021, Nadine Lustre was spotted in the Metro with Filipino-French entrepreneur Christophe Bariou. He previously shared his battle with a rare form of cancer which happened three years ago. Here are some other details about him.

PHOTOS: Nadine Lustre & Christophe Bariou Had A Romantic Date

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See the Photos Of Nadine Lustre & Christophe Bariou’s Romantic Date NADINE LUSTRE – Actress Nadine Lustre shares photos during her romantic date with her boyfriend Christophe Bariou. Nadine Lustre is currently in a low-key romance outside of the entertainment world with her lover following her well-publicized relationship with James Reid. In earlier interviews, Nadine … Read more

Christophe Bariou Say He’s ‘More In Love’ W/ GF Nadine Lustre After 2 Years

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Christophe Bariou ‘More In Love’ W/ Girlfriend Nadine Lustre After 2 Years CHRISTOPHE BARIOU – French-Filipino businessman Christophe Bariou said he’s ‘more in love’ with his girlfriend Nadine Lustre after 2 years. After her highly-publicized relationship with James Reid, Nadine Lustre is now in a low-key relationship with her lover outside of the entertainment industry. … Read more

Nadine Lustre Boyfriend Posts 2021/2023 Photos w/ Sweet Caption

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Christophe Bariou shares these photos with Nadine Lustre and this is the caption. NADINE LUSTRE – Non-showbiz boyfriend of Nadine Lustre, Christophe Bariou, shares this post with a sweet caption. Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre is in a relationship with non-showbiz guy Christophe Bariou. He is a half-French, half-Filipino businessman who owns a resort on Siargao … Read more

Nadine Lustre Advice to “Selosa” People: “Fully trust your partner!”

Nadine Lustre Selosa

Nadine Lustre Gives Advice to People who Are “Selosa” Towards Their Partners Filipina actress Nadine Lustre gives advice to people who are “selosa” or not trusting their partners. Although she is pleased with her French partner Christophe Bariou, she gave her thoughts on relationships in an interview with the local lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan Philippines. The … Read more

Nadine Lustre Shares Advice For Love, Dating, LDR

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Advice From Nadine Lustre About Love, Dating, LDR NADINE LUSTRE – Actress-singer Nadine Lustre recently shared advice for love, dating and long-distance relationship. Nadine currently enjoys a fulfilling love life. Businessman Christophe Bariou, who resides in Siargao, and she are currently dating. The 29-year-old celebrity recently discussed relationship advice and touched on a variety of … Read more