Aljur Abrenica Admits He was Cheated in the Past: “Ang sakit, it breaks you”

Aljur Abrenica Revealed Being Cheated On by a Girl in the Past

Actor Aljur Abrenica revealed in an interview that he was also cheated on by a girl in one of his past relationships.

Toni Gonzaga’s recent interview vlog on her YouTube channel featured Aljur as her guest. Toni inquired about Aljur’s failed romances and why his marriage to Kylie Padilla failed.

Aljur admitted to the popular talk show presenter that he had previously been cheated on. Toni asked Aljur what the most frequent misconception about him was during his viral interview on Toni Talks.

“Ano ang pinaka misconception sayo ng tao?” Toni asked to which Aljur answered, “Babaero.”

Aljur Abrenica Cheated Past

Upon hearing this, Toni then asked how Aljur love. “Binibigay ko talaga lahat. Pagsusuyo, anything that I can think of that would make her happy, ginagawa ko. But still, may mga pagkakamali ako noon kasi hindi pa ako ganun ka- mature,” he said.

“Yung pagkakamali mo bang yun, would you say you experienced cheating on a girl?” Toni eventually questioned. “Yeah, oo. Everything that you do, may kapalit,” the actor replied.

When asked if he had ever been heartbroken or sobbed over a woman, Aljur admitted, “Oo, maraming beses na.” However, what astonished the spectators was Aljur’s confession that he had been cheated on.

“Yeah. Ang sakit. Its so painful, sobrang painful, it breaks you. Naalala ko na parang there’s no life, wala ka ng buhay, hindi ka na magising ng maaga. A part of you dies eh. Yung worth mo, mawawala. It’s just the worst talaga,” he said during the interview.

Kylie Padilla’s father, Robin Padilla, declared to the world that the actress and her husband, actor Aljur Abrenica, are no longer together. The veteran actor’s honest declaration put an end to the speculations that had long swirled about their marriage.

Padilla’s confession also hinted that the actor cheated on her daughter Kylie, who acknowledged their split in a statement and stated they both decided to allow each other date other people.

Aljur was seen with AJ Raval on multiple occasions. Last Valentine’s Day, AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica confirmed their relationship by posting sweet images of themselves. Their relationship declaration was met with both positive and negative feedback.

Many people believe that AJ is the “kabit” who caused Aljur’s marriage to Kylie Padilla to fail. However, Kylie has always stated that AJ was not the “kabit” and the main reason for their split.

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