Concerned Resident Turns Over Asian Palm Civet to Authorities

Concerned Resident Earns Praises for Turning Over Asian Palm Civet to Authorities

PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN – A concerned resident in Palawan turned over an Asian Palm Civet to the authorities.

A concerned citizen from Barangay Mangingisda in Puerto Princesa City turned over an Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also known as a musang, to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) office.

According to the PCSD’s post, Jimmy Bayking decided to bring the musang to the PCSDS office on Thursday (March 16, 2023) after being advised by his colleagues at work.

Concerned Resident

Based on his statement, he saw the musang running in the yard of his workplace on Wescom Road, chased by two dogs, so he immediately rescued it from possible harm. The musang is currently in the custody of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (PWRCC) and is scheduled to be released into its natural habitat.

The Philippine Palm Civet is a carnivorous member of the civet family but also enjoys eating fruit. This is why they inhabit forests with many fruit-bearing trees. It has also become famous for its expensive coffee beans.

Meanwhile, the agency encourages citizens who happen to see or catch any wildlife to immediately turn it over to their office or call their hotlines through PCSDS Wildlife Enforcement Unit (WEU) numbers at 09319642128 (TNT) and 09656620248 (TM) or through the PCSDS Front Desk hotline numbers at 0935-116-2336 (Globe/TM) and 0948-937-2200 (Smart/TNT).

Concerned Resident

People can also send a message through their office’s Facebook page for any concerns.

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Concerned Resident

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