Traffic Enforcer in Antipolo City Graduates from College

Traffic Enforcer

Traffic Enforcer Francis Allit Graduates from College After Years of Hardwork A hardworking traffic enforcer in Antipolo City becomes a source of online inspiration after graduating from college. Recently, Jun-Andeng Ynares, a Facebook user, shared the achievement of Francis Allit Caballero, a traffic enforcer under the Office of Public Safety and Security (OPSS), upon completing … Read more

Traffic Enforcer Apprehends Motorist for Allegedly Non-Family Passenger, Accused of ‘Colorum’ Violation

Traffic Enforcer

Motorist Apprehended by Traffic Enforcer for Carrying Non-Family Passenger A traffic enforcer apprehended and fined a motorist for allegedly carrying a non-family member passenger, accusing him of ‘colorum’ operation. A traffic enforcer is an individual employed by local authorities or law enforcement agencies to manage and control traffic on roads and streets. Their primary responsibility … Read more

Driver Suffers From High Blood Pressure Attack During Traffic Violation Check


Tricycle Driver Suffers From High Blood Pressure Attack During Traffic Violation Check Family seeks justice after driver dies from high blood pressure attack after traffic enforcer apprehended him for committing violation. Traffic policies are rules and regulations set by governments to ensure safe and orderly movement on roads and highways. These policies help manage the … Read more

Residents Slam Female Traffic Enforcer for Clamping Motorcycle of Grieving Rider

Female Traffic Enforcer

Several residents lambasted a female traffic enforcer for clamping the motorcycle of a grieving rider who lost a loved one. A female personnel from BTAO (Bacolod Traffic Authority Office) clamped a motorcycle owned by a grieving rider. The motorcycle belonged to relatives of a deceased patient from the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in … Read more

Lady BTAO Personnel Clamps Motorcycle Owned by Grieving Rider Who Lost Loved One

Lady BTAO Personnel

Concerns Arise After Lady BTAO Personnel Clamps Motorcycle of Grieving Rider A lady BTAO personnel received complaints from residents after she clamped the motorcycle of a grieving rider who lost a loved one. Traffic enforcers, who are frequently seen at busy intersections and crowded city streets, perform an important role in keeping order and ensuring … Read more

Lady Traffic Enforcer Shows Compassion to Elderly Woman

Traffic Enforcer

The online community lauded a lady traffic enforcer who showed compassion to an elderly woman in Silay City Negros Occidental. The traffic personnel identified as Mariel Lozada Capablanca treat an elderly woman with a free meal. The public servant extended a helping hand, even though she didn’t know the senior citizen personally.

Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Provides Free Meal to Elderly Woman

Traffic Enforcer

Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Earns Praise Online For Showing Compassion to Elderly Woman A kind-hearted traffic enforcer goes viral and earns praise online showing compassion to an elderly woman. Traffic enforcers play an important role in making sure our roads are safe for everyone. These are the dedicated individuals you see on the streets wearing bright … Read more

Vehicle Driver & Traffic Enforcer Argue Over Misunderstood Road Rules

Vehicle Driver

Disagreement Between Vehicle Driver and Traffic Enforcer Over Misunderstood Road Rules Elicits Reactions Online TRAFFIC ALTERCATION – A vehicle driver and a traffic enforcer have an exchange of heated arguments over misunderstood road rules. Driving on the roads can be a bit like following a set of rules to make sure everyone gets where they … Read more