College Student to Parents as He Slowly Reaches His Dream: “Thank you ma and pa”

College Student Expresses Gratitude to Parents as He Slowly Reaches His Dream

A college student expressed his gratitude to his parents as he gradually reaches his dream to become a pilot.

This post by third year college student Jan Nicole Crenciaon social media has inspired many netizens, as it shows his gradual progress towards achieving his dream of becoming a pilot. The post currently circulates online.

Crencia wants to fly above their house to express his gratitude to his parents for their unwavering support. His parents faced many challenges and sacrifices to help him achieve his goal.

College Student

Jan Nicole just completed his minimum accumulated flight time requirements for obtaining a commercial pilot license. He chose to fly over his hometown of Sogod, Southern Leyte.

His parents were reportedly overjoyed to see him flying the Cessna 150 and passing above their home.

Crencia also thanked Capt. Dwight for giving him the opportunity to keep his promise. He also praised God for always guiding him, especially throughout his flights.

College Student College Student College Student

Here is the full post:

On this day, I was able to reach the minimum accumulated flight time requirements for my commercial pilot license, which is why I decided to take a flight pass my hometown, Sogod Southern Leyte. I was able to fly atop our house as a way to show my gratitude to my parents who gave their endless support so I can reach my dreams in life, and so they can also see that all their hard work paid off. Even if they already spent a lot of money for my flying, they still didn’t hesitate to pay. Thank you ma and pa, soon, it will be my turn to provide. I would also like to thank Capt. Dwight for giving me a schedule so my plans will happen and to all he has taught me. And above all, to God for being with me in every flight. I still have a long way to go, but I am already far from where I used to be.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

College Student

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