Young Man Moves Girlfriend’s Parents to Tears

Young Man

Young Man Moves Girlfriend’s Parents to Tears A young man goes viral and elicits comments from the netizens after moving his girlfriend’s parents to tears. A heartwarming story captured the emotional moment when a young man, Jodel Talabis, bravely faced his girlfriend’s parents to express something important. The video garnered various reactions online. What began … Read more

Parents Fulfill Little Daughter’s Candy Cake Dream

Candy Cake Dream

Little Daughter Speechless After Parents Fulfill Her Candy Cake Dream The heartwarming video of parents fulfilling their little daughter’s candy cake dream has gone viral after being posted online. Every child has that one special birthday wish that lights up their eyes at their little hearts. For Jaira, a delightful three-year-old, her dream of a … Read more

Parents Proudly Share Their Baby Who Learned to Play Lato-Lato Before Being Able to Walk


Parents Found Their Baby Playing Lato-Lato “‘Nauna Pang Matuto Mag-lato-lato Kaysa Maglakad’ Two parents proudly share the video of their baby who learned to play lato-lato before being able to walk. Children have an innate curiosity and a remarkable ability to learn and adapt. This was exemplified in a playful and endearing video shared by … Read more

Siblings Salute Janitor Parents for Giving Them Chance to Finish College


Siblings Praise Janitor Parents for Working Hard to Send Them to College Siblings salute their janitor parents for giving them the chance to complete their college education amid poverty. In a touching Facebook post, netizen Riel Gutierrez shared a story that encapsulates the milestone achieved by their parents as they witnessed their two children complete … Read more

Sarah Geronimo Emotional Tribute to Parents Touches Netizens’ Heart

Emotional Tribute of Sarah Geronimo to Her Parents Goes Viral, Makes Netizens Cry The “Popstar Royalty” Sarah Geronimo goes viral on social media after sharing an emotional tribute to her parents. Many netizens became emotional with Sarah G as she cried while singing to her parents at the Araneta Coliseum’s sold-out anniversary event on Friday, … Read more

Babysitter Arrested for Allegedly Taking Employer’s Baby Without Consent


Police Authorities Arrest Babysitter for Allegedly Taking Employer’s Baby Without Consent A female babysitter has been arrested by the police authorities for allegedly taking her employer’s baby without consent. It is crucial to exercise utmost caution and diligence when entrusting the care of your child to a babysitter, as recent events have highlighted the importance … Read more