Jane de Leon Talks About Secret Relationships W/ 3 Actors

Jane de Leon Confesses She Had Secret Relationship W/ Three Actors

JANE DE LEON – Kapamilya actress Jane de Leon recently talked about her ex-lovers.

Jane de Leon’s revelations about the three male actors she had a relationship with appeared to be a blind item. The Darna star was in the hot seat in the interview of Vicki Belo and her husband Hayden Kho in the celebrity doctor’s vlog on March 10, 2023.

The 24-year-old actress was asked about the male actors who became her “more than friends”, what she liked about them, and why they ended up breaking up.  She revealed, “Yung mga nakaka-date ko naman ay naging boyfriend ko. Malayo talaga ang agwat sa akin kasi gusto ko mas matured.”

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Jane de Leon also mentioned that no one knows much about the actors she was in relationships with that all ended in breakups.


The Kapamilya star was asked if the public knew that she was in a relationship with this actor.

“Lahat naman secret sa akin!” laughed the actress, pointing out that she has not made public the identity of the actors she has been in a relationship with. Jane described the first actor as “super mabait talaga siya.”

She continued, “Taga-Laguna pa ako nun, e. Though sa ABS nagwo-workshop-workshop pa ako noon, tapos andun siya sa Deal or No Deal.

“Kahit pinu-push away ko na siya, super grabe, ma-effort talaga.

“Dun ko nakita ang respect niya kasi sinabi ko kailangan niya munang harapin ang family ko bago ako.”

Jane was asked if the actor became her boyfriend.

“Parang kayo na hindi kayo,” answered the actress.

Jane said that she was only sixteen at the time, while the actor was 24 years old.

“Sinabi ko sa kanya, ‘Kahit magtagal tayo, baka mag-break din tayo.’

“Pero grabe, sobrang ma-effort, super-bait niya, and na-meet niya pa yung dad ko.”

Vicki and Hayden squealed that they knew this actor, whom they described as a “gentleman, very proper.”

Jane said she is still friends with the actor and is open to working with him.

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Photo Source: @imjanedeleon IG


Jane de Leon whispers to Hayden who is the actor who became her second boyfriend.

“Akala ko hindi siya straight,” said Hayden. But the actress clarified that he is straight.

Jane’s description, “Maalaga din naman siya, super talaga, as in lalo na sa health ko, number one.”

Hayden said that at one time this actor had a beautiful body. It is said that this actor showed good behavior when courting Jane. Vicki asks Jane if she hasn’t seen the worst side of the man.

“Yun talaga di ko nakita, e,” answered Jane.

Jane said she even gave the actor a second chance but they still broke up.

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Jane de Leon revealed that the last actor she had a relationship with was only recent. Hayden’s gushing description of the actor is “newbie.”

“Wala talagang nakakaalam kahit sa circle of friends ko,” said Jane.

Jane said that they had a relationship while she was doing Darna. “Napaka-supportive, as in super talaga. During ano ito, e, di ba, Darna,” she said.

But they broke up because of Jane’s hectic schedule and another reason that the actress did not reveal. Jane was also asked if she had a traumatic relationship.

“Meron naman,” she answered. “Don’t get me wrong, this guy is super-mabait, pati maalaga.”

Jane admitted that she is not a perfect girlfriend either. “May mga flaws naman ako. Siguro hindi lang kami nag-meet halfway or may mga bagay na hindi lang talaga kami meant,” she said.

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