Maricar Reyes Shares How She Moved On From Past Controversy

Maricar Reyes

It was a slow and steady journey of healing – Maricar Reyes shared how she moved on from it. MARICAR REYES – This is how actress and influencer Maricar Reyes recovered from the dark past of her life. The 2009 incident has greatly taken a toll on the mental health and personal relationships of actress-entrepreneur Maricar … Read more

Vicki Belo Denied Entry To Chanel Fashion Show, Here’s Why

Vicki Belo 3

Vicki Belo Shares She Wasn’t Allowed To Enter the Chanel Fashion Show In Paris VICKI BELO – Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo revealed why she wasn’t allowed to enter the Chanel fashion show in Paris. If you follow Dra. Vicki Belo on Instagram, you would be aware that the celebrity doctor has been traveling around Europe … Read more

Scarlet Snow Belo Photo Featured In An Exhibit In Paris

Vicki Belo and Scarlet Snow Belo

This is the photo of Scarlet Snow Belo in an exhibit captured by Hayden Kho. SCARLET SNOW BELO – Hayden Kho took this photo of his daughter Scarlet Snow Belo and it was showcased in a Paris exhibit. The only daughter of Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo is Scarlet Snow Belo. The legit Belo baby was conceived … Read more

Vicki Belo, Bella Poarch, Bretman Rock, Bryanboy Meet At PFW 2022

Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, Bella Poarch, Bretman Rock, Bryanboy 2

Vicki Belo Meets International Influencers Bretman Rock, Bella Poarch, Bryan Grey Yambao At Paris Fashion Week 2022 VICKI BELO – Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo met three international influencers, Bretman Rock, Bella Poarch, and Bryan Grey Yambao at Paris Fashion Week 2022. TV personality and dermatologist Dra. Vicki Belo is the founder, CEO, and Medical Director … Read more

Lolit Solis Defends Vicki Belo Against Bashing

lolit solis vicki belo

Lolit Solis was saddened by the negative comments directed to Vicki Belo Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis defended celebrity doctor Vicki Belo against the negative comments that she received from bashers. Lolit is close to Vicki and her husband Dr. Hayden Kho. The showbiz writer has featured Vicki several times in her write-ups. Lolit showed … Read more

VIDEO: Vicki Belo Channels Inner BLACKPINK W/ “Pink Venom”

Vicki Belo 2

Vicki Belo Shares Video Channeling her Inner “Blinks” VICKI BELO – Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo shared a video where she was channeling her inner BLACKPINK with “Pink Venom.” The South Korean all-girl band, BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016. The group is made up of Rose, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie. BLACKPINK is now one of the … Read more