Hayden Kho Reveals He Was Harassed When He Was A Child

A big revelation from Hayden Kho

Celebrity doctor Hayden Kho revealed that he experienced harassment when he was a child.

The former actor-model bravely opened up about this dark chapter in his life in a Facebook video. He said that he was harassed when he was a child and it happened twice. With that experience, he said that he questioned his faith.

So, when he entered the entertainment industry, he created an image that will be well-loved by many.

hayden kho
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“I started creating this image but this image is not me so if people fall in love with that image, that’s not me. And then I became popular. Money was easy. All those things entered, women, alcohol, and then I got into drugs,” Hayden shared.

However, when times came that he was alone at night, he would think that his life was miserable. “I have all these things but I’m alone and nobody knows me,” the celebrity doctor added.

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With this kind of situation at that time, Hayden Kho said that thoughts of ending his own life entered his mind. Fortunately, a chance came to him that would change his life for the better.


Based on the article from Bandera, that change started when the celebrity doctor went to India for an outreach program. With his high end camera worth a million peso he took a photo of a girl that he saw.

The said girl was praying when Hayden saw her. “What am I doing taking a picture of this poor child? If I sell this camera I can feed this whole school,” he shared.

From that, his perspective in life changed and he was able to strengthen his faith.

What can you say about this?

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