Brie & Rye Bakery – “Old World Bread” In Modern Times

Love the artisanal German Loaves, Pretzels, and more at Brie & Rye Bakery of Richard Manapat.

BRIE & RYE BAKERY – Richard Manapat’s Brie & Rye Bakery is selling what is said to be the most authentic old-world bread in Manila.

Carbs in mass quantity aren’t good for you but a little bread won’t greatly have an effect. We can all have it but in moderation just like anything else.

Our love for bread is probably because it is a cost-effective, quick, easy meal, and delicious. But sometimes, there are gems that offer more and one of these is Richard Manapat’s Brie & Rye Bakery.

It is considered “the most authentic old-world bread in Manila” and is the kind the owner has always dreamed of making. The name of their bakery is taken from the names of his children.

The whole journey wasn’t easy, especially during the pandemic when food and beverage got greatly affected. But he was able to make his way to the German embassy tasting. He made them taste his landbrot (a country-style loaf), apfelbrot (apple bread), a volkorn-type brötchen (bread rolls) with oats, laugencroissant (croissants that have been pretzeled), pretzels, and berliners (jelly doughnut).

They loved them and the rest is history.

They learned the art of baking this kind of bread and worked hard to expand their menu. They are open for orders for Tuesday and Friday pickups

Some goods on their menu are:

  • Landbrot (Php 275/loaf) 
  • Weizen Sauerteigbrot (Php 195/loaf)
  • Sauerteigbrot mit Samen (Php 235/loaf)
  • Mühlsteinbrot (Php 240/loaf) 
  • Brötchen (Php 30/piece)
  • Brezeln (Php 35/piece)
  • Laugenstangen (Php 35)
  • Laugenknoten (Php 35)
  • Vollkornbrot (Php 245)
  • Siebenkornbrot (Php 260)

Ordering is open on Wednesdays to Thursdays (for Friday pick up/delivery) and Sundays to Mondays (for Tuesday pick up/delivery).


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