Liza Soberano Receives Parting Words From Ogie Diaz, Her Former Manager

Amid all the issues, Ogie Diaz clarifies he’s not mad at Liza Soberano and this has always been his parting words to her.

LIZA SOBERANO – Former Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano is under fire and her former manager Ogie Diaz has these words for her.

The “This Is Me” vlog of Liza Soberano has put her under hot waters. Others have appreciated her bravery to step out of her comfort zone and finally do the things she wants but a part of her audience did not let pass the sound of ungratefulness in her wordings.

To many, she sounded a bit ungrateful because those things she mentioned were the things to sacrifice for her dream to become an artist and give her family a beautiful. According to King of Talk Boy Abunda, she can enjoy this new journey without disregarding her past and the efforts of her former management to make her the star that she is now.

And amid all these issues, her former manager, Ogie Diaz, made a new video that he hopes would reach her former talent.

Liza Soberano and Ogie Diaz

According to him, he understands where she is coming from and he would understand where she wants her new career path would lead to.

But what matters most is he is not mad at her. He is not mad over the vlog. And as he would remind her always, he is just there for her. He may no longer be her manager but he will still be there for her no matter what happens in case she needs to hear some advice for whatever.

He will always be there to listen to her and give her some words if she needs them.

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