VIDEO: Liza Soberano’s “This Is Me” Vlog Goes Viral

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LIZA SOBERANO – Filipina-American actress Liza Soberano recently published a vlog titled “This Is Me.”

Liza Soberano distanced herself after leaving Star Magic and ABS-CBN. She didn’t interact with her fans as much as she did. She got busy launching her singing career and living out her Hollywood dream.

She committed to posting a video about her life after cleaning up her social media. Remember that Liza deleted her YouTube channel and Instagram account? Many people were confused as to whether she had simply archived all of her previous posts or had actually erased them altogether.

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When she made a post, it was verified that it had not been hacked. Actually, her social media activity was a rebranding. A sign that now taking a different career path.

Liza acknowledged in a teaser for her next vlog that she has indeed become distant, but that this does not mean she has abandoned the ones she loves. She didn’t mean to leave them feeling abandoned.

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On Sunday, the 25-year-old Fil-Am actress posted a lengthy video to her YouTube account in which she reflected on her personal growth since switching to a new management company and said she now feels empowered to live her life on her terms.

Liza began by elaborating on her initial Instagram post, which was followed by a moving poem after she cleared up her feed. She said that for the layout, they simply experimented with the idea of being envious of a flower. In contrast, Liza used the poem to express her hopes, dreams, and frustrations.

In the same video, Liza updated her supporters on what she’s been doing to “as an ambassador” and how that has given her opportunities to explore writing and producing. She revealed that she has lately begun to scale back on all of her endorsements and that on Monday, she will be announcing a new partnership with a company.

Photo Source: Youtube

Liza Soberano said that she can’t wait for her fans to witness the commercial without providing any further information. In the last seconds of the 14-minute video, she stated her hope that she had been able to shed some light on some of her most recent life decisions.

Also, she made the opportunity to express her gratitude “for everything that I have, everything that I’ve experienced in life professionally and personally and everything else that came with it.”

Watch the video below:

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