Boy Tapang LJ Satterfield “Hiwalay Na”? Love Story Allegedly Scripted

Boy Tapang and Girlfriend LJ Satterfield Allegedly Hiwalay Na

Vlogger Boy Tapang and his new girlfriend LJ Satterfield become controversial online because they were allegedly “hiwalay na”.

Boy Tapang and LJ Satterfield’s claimed “bardagulan” became viral on social media. It was stated that the YouTuber couple’s relationship is on the rocks because their identities are now trending on social media due to a misunderstanding.

Boy Tapang Hiwalay Na

Their different statements on what is going on in their relationship can be read on their own pages. Boy Tapang even criticized LJ’s Valentine’s Day post in which he praised the individual who reportedly gave flowers and donuts, claiming that they were not from him.

“Klarohin ko lang. Hindi ako nagbigay ng bulaklak na iyan. So alam niyo na. Kapal ng mukha no na as if ako ang nagpadala. Ano ibig sabihin diyan? Manggagamit,” Ronnie captioned the shared post from LJ.

Meanwhile, on the page of the so-called ‘Girl Tapang,’ it appears that Ronnie has threatened to divulge the truth between the two of them in a post. According to Boy Tapang’s tweet, LJ allegedly manipulated him to get popularity on social media.

LJ, on the other side, revealed in her post that the male YouTuber enjoys “manumbat and manira”. She even posted a portion of a discussion in which Boy Tapang is disparaging his ex-partner. The female vlogger also revealed that they reconciled and that Boy is frightened of being beaten.

Here are some of the screenshots of their alleged bardagulan online:

Boy Tapang and LJ’s unusual love tale will be remembered for being broadcast on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Many individuals, particularly men, had been disappointed in their love, and they were given the prospect of finding someone like LJ.

Many people assumed that the two would marry because of the kindness they displayed in such an interview. That is why their relationship with the two of them stunned the online community. Meanwhile, there is no official confirmation if the two have broken up for good, so many people are hoping that they will reconcile.

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