Xander Arizala Reveals His Dispute with Makagwapo is “Scripted”

Xander Arizala Admits His Videos, Dispute with Makagwapo are “Scripted” Social media personality Xander Arizala revealed that his videos and his dispute with Christian Merck Grey or Makagwapo are “scripted”. The controversial social media figure Xander Arizala recently made a surprise his followers in the vlog of content creator Khifer Brosse. Xander responded to critics … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Clarifies Issue with Zeinab Harake is Not Scripted

Wilbert Tolentino Claimed Issue with Zeinab Harake is Not Planned and Scripted Talent manager and businessman Wilbert Tolentino clarified that his issue with vlogger Zeinab Harake is not scripted and planned. Wilbert stated in an interview that he and fellow YouTuber Zeinab Harake are now on excellent terms. Wilber claims that he and Zeinab did … Read more

Boy Tapang LJ Satterfield “Hiwalay Na”? Love Story Allegedly Scripted

Boy Tapang and Girlfriend LJ Satterfield Allegedly Hiwalay Na Vlogger Boy Tapang and his new girlfriend LJ Satterfield become controversial online because they were allegedly “hiwalay na”. Boy Tapang and LJ Satterfield’s claimed “bardagulan” became viral on social media. It was stated that the YouTuber couple’s relationship is on the rocks because their identities are … Read more

President Duterte’s Tirade Against Bongbong Marcos is Scripted – Analyst

Analyst Claims President Duterte’s Tirade Against Bongbong Marcos is Scripted A political analyst claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte’s tirade against presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is scripted. Prof. Antonio Contreras, a political scientist at De La Salle University, said in an interview that it may be part of the script or plot. For an … Read more