Kapuso Viewers Call Out Imbestigador, Wish Ko Lang New Formats

Kapuso Viewers Appeal to Bring Back the Old Format of Imbestigador and Wish Ko Lang

Kapuso viewers called out the alleged new formats of GMA’s public service shows Imbestigador and Wish Ko Lang.

The revised structure of Vicky Morales’ public service program “Wish Ko Lang” garnered criticism from the online community. The show was thus named by netizens because it appears that its format has changed, making it appear to be a drama anthology of a delicate subject.

Netizens are stated to miss the original format of the show, which provided assistance to a specific person or family in need in life. The original objective of the program appears to have been diverted when “re-enactments” were added to it, according to reports.

Now, it appears that the re-enactment has gone too far, and it appears to be no different from Marian Rivera’s past hosting of “Tadhana” or “Karelasyon,” with viewers confused as to whether this is a public service program or a drama anthology like “Magpakilanman.”

Kapuso viewers are requesting for the formality of Wish Ko Lang to be restored because they no longer understand the meaning of the title in the current episodes aired every afternoon. In addition to Wish Ko Lang, netizens have been demanding for “Imbestigador,” which is reported to follow the same structure.

Kapuso Viewers Imbestigador

Here are the comments of Kapuso viewers:

“Wish Ko Lang, Imbestigador, Karelasyon. Yan yung line-up na pang Vivamax mga istorya. Kuwentong kabit at romansahan.”

“Bring back the old formats, hahahahh paVivamax na nga.”

“Pati yung Imbestigador, parang mas marami pa drama eh… mas gusto ko yung dating format.”

Meanwhile, GMA News has yet to respond, remark, or say anything. Even Public Affairs anchors Mike Enriquez and Vicky Morales have yet to respond to the call.

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  1. why pH TV drama shows and movies most often than not dwell on adultery, concubines, poor lives and the like? when will PH make more uplifting movies? it is very difficult to recommend these to my children as I don’t want them to have the notion that these are the things we are “good” at.


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