Boy Tapang Confesses Relationship Status w/ Cherry White “scripted lang yun content”

Boy Tapang

Boy Tapang Reveals Real Status of His Relationship with Cherry White Boy Tapang has revealed the real status of his relationship with Cherry White, admitting that their content was scripted. The chemistry between Cherry White and Boy Tapang quickly captured netizens’ attention due to their playful antics and the romantic gestures they displayed toward each … Read more

Boy Tapang’s Alleged ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ Speaks Out ‘Three years kami tapos pinagpalit ako’

Boy Tapang's

Alleged ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ of Boy Tapang Finally Speaks Out The popular Pinoy content creator Boy Tapang’s alleged ‘ex-girlfriend’ finally speaks out, claiming, ‘Three years kami tapos pinagpalit ako’. A social media influencer ‘Canada Girlvlog’ claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Ronnie Suan, also known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ stepped into the public eye for the first time. … Read more

Rendon Labador to Boy Tapang-Cherry White Relationship: “Hindi okay yun”

Rendon Labador

Rendon Labador Reacts to Boy Tapang-Cherry White’s Rumored Relationship RENDON LABADOR – The self-proclaimed motivational speaker reacts to Boy Tapang-Cherry White rumored relationship. Over the past few days, Ronnie Suan, also known as Boy Tapang, has become a controversial figure online due to his collaboration with content creator Cherry White. Their partnership elicited reactions from … Read more

Boy Tapang Offers ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Truly Love Him

Boy Tapang

YouTube Vlogger Boy Tapang Showcases ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Love Him Unconditionally The social media influencer Boy Tapang elicits reactions online after offering a ‘diamond ring’ for the woman who will truly love him. In a bold and unconventional move, content creator Ronnie Suan, popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ recently showcased a diamond … Read more

LJ Satterfield Lauded Over Cover of “Sometimes” by Britney Spears

LJ Satterfield Praised Online Following Release of “Sometimes” by Britney Spears Cover The controversial content creator LJ Satterfield was lauded by netizens on social media after releasing a cover of “Sometimes” by Britney Spears. In her latest video uploaded on her YouTube channel, LJ shared the behind-the-scenes footage of the recording session for her first … Read more

LJ Satterfield Grateful to New Blessings She Received Amid Bashing

LJ Satterfield Grateful to New Blessings Thanked New Sponsors Amid Issue Controversial content creator LJ Satterfield expresses gratefulness for the blessings she received and for new sponsors. Despite criticism, the controversial female content producer resorted to social media to show her gratitude for the new benefits she received. It was previously reported that LJ faced … Read more

Makagago to LJ Satterfield: “angelic face tapos demonyo as in mangagamit”


Makagago Defends Boy Tapang & Slams LJ Satterfield The social media influencer Makagago defended Boy Tapang and lambasted LJ Satterfield “angelic face tapos demonyo as in mangagamit”. Amid the ongoing issue involving Ronnie Suan, who is also known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ and influencer LJ Satterfield, fellow influencer Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa ‘Makagago’ Wazzup Man has come … Read more

LJ Satterfield to Boy Tapang: “Your bashing is the key. Silver button is here”

LJ Satterfield Grateful to Bashing of Boy Tapang After Getting YouTube Silver Button Controversial content creator LJ Satterfield is grateful to male vlogger Boy Tapang bashing after achieving the YouTube silver button. LJ Satterfield, a Cebu-based content creator, took to social media to announce her new status as an internet personality. She flaunts her silver … Read more

LJ Satterfield Says Relationship w/ Boy Tapang ‘Only for Content’: “Palagi mo kong binabastos sa vlogs natin”

LJ Satterfield

LJ Satterfield Reiterates “Palagi mo kong binabastos sa vlogs natin” During Tandem w/ Boy Tapang The social media influencer LJ Satterfield admitted that her relationship with fellow vlogger Boy Tapang is only for content. Ronnie Suan, popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang’, and LJ Satterfield made a buzz online because of their ‘bardagulan’ on social media. … Read more