Teacher Instructs Students to Say ‘I Love You’ to Classmates During Attendance Check

Teacher Goes Viral After Performing Another Attendance Check w/ A Twist

A male teacher has gone viral online after instructing his students to say “I love you” to their classmates during an attendance check.

Since last year, teachers have been coming up with creative ways to take attendance in the classroom, and educators asking students to say the name of their crush during attendance check have gone viral on social media.

Some found the attendance check method entertaining and harmless, while others found it inappropriate and unprofessional. Netizens defended the method, saying that it was meant to build a sense of community in the classroom and help students feel more comfortable with each other.


However, many people disagreed with the reasoning, saying that the method crossed a line and could make some students feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

The Facebook page “Rhickz D’ Survivor TV” shared a video of another unique attendance check performed by the male teacher inside the classroom, which has since gone viral and garnered reactions from internet users.

In the video, the male teacher greets his students and informs them that he will implement another attendance check with a twist in line with Valentine’s Day. His announcement brings excitement to the entire class.

The educator instructed his students to say “I love you” to their classmates of the opposite gender instead of simply ‘present’ during the attendance check with a twist. The unique attendance check brings joy and excitement to young learners.

The video has a caption:

Libre ILOVEYOU sa kaklase (valentine’s day) kinilig ako

Walang sekreto sa klase ko

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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