Male Teacher Goes Viral Over Attendance Check w/ Twist “Miss Universe Version”

Male Teacher Performs Attendance Check w/ Twist “Miss Universe Version”

TRENDING ATTENDANCE CHECK – A male teacher goes viral online over an attendance check with a twist “Miss Universe Version”.

A teacher is a member of staff who works in both public and private schools to impart academic information to students. They had the responsibility of assisting students in gaining wisdom, skill, or virtue so that they would grow into better people in the future.

In the school campus, teachers often serve as the second parents of the student. The younger students were to be taken care of and supported by them. Teachers also assist kids in becoming accountable citizens.

Male Teacher

Last year, several educators earned instant popularity because of attendance check with a twist. One of them still used the same strategy to energize his class.

A Facebook user named Ariel Casimerao Grijaldo Jr. Page has shared the video footage of himself performing an attendance check with a twist “Miss Universe Version”. The video goes viral on social media.

Male Teacher

In the video, Teacher Ariel greets his students and instructs them to enter the classroom like a candidate for Miss Universe. The students ramped into the room like fashion models while saying their names.

The attendance check with a twist brings joy and excitement to the entire class. It also gives them energy before the class starts.

Here is the full post:

Ready na mga students ko for the next Miss U. Attendance check na naman with a twist!

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

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