Willie Revillame Apologizes To Cristy Fermin After His “Panunumbat”

Following the controversial lash-out, Willie Revillame reaches out to Cristy Fermin to apologize.

WILLIE REVILLAME – Following his lash-out on television, Willie Revillame reaches out and apologizes to the person he’s said bad things at.

In a previous article, Willie Revillame took his wrath on television at the personalities who criticized him in their videos. He did not drop any names but he did say, “Hindi na ako matatakot sa inyong lahat! Laban na ito kung laban! Masyado niyo na akong inaapi. Masyado niyo na akong sinasaktan. Hindi ako susuko sa inyo!”

Willie Revillame

On his program, he seemingly made some “panunumbat” to people who talked bad about him despite all the help he has given them. One, in particular, is someone he has given a condo unit and car but still managed to call him “mayabang”.

Such specifics have made Cristy Fermin admit that she was the one Willie was referring to. She has received such things from him but he has a different understanding of what she has said in her program.

She clarified that he can be “mayabang” at time because he’s a go-getter but she did not mean for him to be “mayabang” for shallow reasons. She got hurt because of this as she treated Willie as her own child.

He called for war and she called for it too. She will never back down.

But after hearing her sentiments, Willie reached out to her and apologized. Accordingly, he was a victim of clickbait. He did not watch her full video and just reacted right away without thinking straightly and rationally. He was emotional, especially during his times, as AMBS is facing some issues.

Cristy Fermin

According to him, he’s been calling AMBS to ask about the network’s situation but no one is answering him.

In his recent statement, he clarified that his words were not “panunumbat”. He just got hurt as to how those people he has helped could do this to him.

He then added, “Kay Tita Cristy Fermin, Tita Cristy, para mo na akong anak. Para na kitang nanay, humihingi ako ng tawad sa yo. Pasensiya ka na, alam mo naman nag-iisa lang ako. Ilang araw akong nag-iisa sa kuwarto, nag-iisip. Hindi ako nagbabasa nang kahit ano, nag-iisip lang ako. Pero salamat at nagkausap tayo kanina. At sa mga anak mo na nasaktan ko, pasensiya na kayo dahil naging emosyunal ako.”

This issue also revealed that Cristy helped Willie have a show on TV5 after leaving ABS-CBN. She accordingly did not ask for anything in return for what she did. And the car and condo unit she received from him were the fruits of her hard work. She did not ask him to give her those.

Saying his apologies again, he expressed based on PEP’s report, “Again, kay Tita Cristy, sa pamilya mo, sa mga anak mo, I’m really sorry na nasaktan ko kayo. Maraming salamat, ipinagtatanggol mo pala ako.”


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