Poor Foreign National Spotted Eating Leftover Foods at Mall

Poor Foreign National Breaks Hearts of Netizens for Eating Leftover Foods at Mall

A poor foreign national has been spotted eating leftover foods at SM Mall in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Nowadays, there are lot of Filipinas who end up marrying foreign nationals. Most of them were true love but some of our countrymen were just after wealth.

It is fairly uncommon for Filipina partners to abandon their foreign partners with nothing. The sad issue is that, in addition to having all of their money stolen, it appeared to be difficult for them to return to their home countries, particularly when their passport and other papers are incomplete.

Poor Foreign National

Foreigner victims become homeless as a result of being abandoned with no money. They frequently consume leftovers and beg people for money out of desperation to survive.

A Facebook user named SherVan Anderson Aloria Cusio has shared a photo of a poor foreign national eating leftover food at the food court of a mall. The post goes viral online and breaks the hearts of internet users.

According to Cusio, the foreigner is waiting for the customers to finish their food before eating the leftovers. The kind-hearted netizen approached him and bought a meal for the penniless foreigner.

In the photo, the poor foreigner is sitting at the table while consuming the food given by SherVan. Anderson believes that the latter’s Pinay girlfriend probably took all his wealth and leave him with nothing.

The kind-hearted netizen was moved after he saw the poor man’s happiness while eating the food.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the heartbreaking post:

Poor Foreign National

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