Rude Customer Pushes Delivery Rider’s Motorcycle After Receiving Wrong Parcel

Rude Customer Elicits Criticisms Online After Harassing Delivery Rider’s Motorcycle After Receiving Wrong Parcel

A rude customer has been caught on camera pushing the delivery rider’s motorcycle after receiving a wrong parcel.

Delivery rider is an employee for a courier company who was tasked to deliver the order of customers. However, there are some instances wherein sellers accidentally send the wrong items to their clients.

Some customers were blaming delivery workers for receiving bogus or wrong parcels. Courier employees were not responsible or liable for the items as long as they can deliver it safely to their customers.

Rude Customer

The Facebook account Allan Bartolome has shared video footage of a rude customer who disrespected and harassed a delivery rider during the transaction. The video elicits negative reactions from internet users.

In the video, the delivery rider takes a video of his customer who opened the parcel but refused to pay for it. The cruel guy complained that it was not the item he ordered and accused the delivery employee as scammer.

The customer even harassed and throw the item at the rider. The frustrated client explained that he ordered a pair of slippers worth more than the P1,200 but he received a bottle of baby powder.

The delivery worker politely explained the process of returning the wrong item and claimed that he is not accountable for it. Unfortunately, the customer refused to listen and repeatedly insist on his side.

However, it was still unclear if the video is legitimate or was just made just for fun.

Rude Customer

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Isa na namang delivery rider ang magbabayad Kawawa nmn Sinipa Yung motor Taob

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