Cebu City Police Arrested Over Extortion at Checkpoint

Police Arrested Over Alleged Extortion at Checkpoint in Cebu City

Authorities arrested a police officer who was allegedly accused of extortion at a checkpoint in Cebu City.

The police anti-scalawag team recently nabbed one of its colleagues in connection with a complaint against a rider in Cebu City. Staff Sgt. Paul Dennis Traya was identified as the strange cop.

Cebu City Police Extortion

Traya is assigned to Mambaling Police Station 11 in said city, according to a report by the Philippine National Police-integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (PNP-IMEG). Traya was detained this Wednesday at 3:20 p.m. in the Miller Hospital parking lot on Tres de Abril Street, Barangay San Nicolas, Cebu City.

Traya has already received a complaint from a rider who was allegedly stopped at a checkpoint in Barangay Mambaling. Based on the report, Traya allegedly sought P10,000 from the rider for driving offenses, according to the lawsuit.

According to the rider, Traya allegedly saw many breaches against him and forced him to pay money as a settlement. As a result, the motorbike rider went to the police station and reported Traya.

Traya was caught during the planned entrapment operation while reportedly extorting other vehicles that broke traffic laws. Traya is already facing administrative and criminal accusations and is being held at Camp Sergio Osmena Sr. in Cebu City’s Osmena Boulevard.

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