Lady Rider Suffers Injuries from Accident After Evading Checkpoint

Lady Rider Got Into an Accident After Evading Police Checkpoint A lady rider suffers injuries after being involved in an accident when she allegedly evaded a police checkpoint in Malabon City. After the motorcycle she was riding crashed, a 33-year-old female rider was hurt. This is because she was rushing to escape the police who … Read more

Snatcher Nabbed when Motorcycle Crash After Evading Checkpoint

Snatcher who Tries to Evade Checkpoint Arrested After Motorcycle Crash Police authorities arrested a snatcher after the motorcycle ridden crashed when he tries to evade a checkpoint in Quezon City. A man who was identified as a snatcher was captured and detained after reportedly stealing a woman’s bag in Quezon City. The guy was apprehended … Read more

2 Vendors Caught with Illegal Drugs After They Panic At Checkpoint

2 Vendors Arrested for Illegal Drugs after Caught at Police Checkpoint Authorities arrested two (2) vendors after being caught with illegal drugs after they panicked at the police checkpoint. The sellers from Brgy. After reportedly being captured with suspected illegal substances known as “shabu,” a man from Unang Sigawa, Quezon City, was arrested. This comes … Read more

Cebu City Police Arrested Over Extortion at Checkpoint

Police Arrested Over Alleged Extortion at Checkpoint in Cebu City Authorities arrested a police officer who was allegedly accused of extortion at a checkpoint in Cebu City. The police anti-scalawag team recently nabbed one of its colleagues in connection with a complaint against a rider in Cebu City. Staff Sgt. Paul Dennis Traya was identified … Read more

“Spaghetti Gang” Arrested for Stealing P500k Worth of Copper Wires

Cops Arrest “Spaghetti” Gang for Stealing P500k Worth of Copper Wires Police authorities arrested members of the “Spaghetti Gang” for stealing P500k worth of copper wires in Quezon City. In Quezon City, tons of copper wires were taken from alleged “Spaghetti Gang” members. The police claim that they have been keeping an eye on the … Read more

Woman Wanted for Kidnapping Nabbed after Wearing PNP Uniform

Woman Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested and Discovered Wanted for Kidnapping Authorities arrested a woman for wearing Philippine National Police (PNP) uniform and was discovered to be wanted for kidnapping. A woman was stopped by PNP Batangas after being found wearing a uniform without authorization. It was determined that the 36-year-old lady was wanted in connection … Read more

Taxi Driver Outsmarts 5 Alleged Holduppers in Baguio City

Taxi Driver Outsmarts 5 Holduppers Resulting in Arrest in Baguio City Police authorities arrested five (5) alleged holduppers in Baguio City after the taxi driver outsmarts them from their evil plan. Five people were detained by the Baguio City Police at a checkpoint in the said city. This came after a taxi driver outsmarted five passengers … Read more

Security Guard Jailed for Wearing PNP Uniform, Unlicensed Gun

Security Guard Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested after Evading Checkpoint Real police officers arrested a security guard for allegedly unauthorized wearing the uniform of the Philippine National Police (PNP). After being discovered in possession of an unauthorized firearm while donning a tactical block PNP outfit, a security guard was sentenced to prison. According to the report, … Read more