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Alex Gonzaga 'Eksenadora' even back when 'she's not super famous yet'

Alex Gonzaga ‘Eksenadora’ even back when ‘she’s not super famous yet’

Alex Gonzaga was featured in this article by Dolly Anne Carvajal

Entertainment writer Dolly Anne Carvajal said that even before actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga became “super famous” she was already “eksenadora.”

These past few days, Alex is a trending topic on social media. It is because of the icing-smearing incident that happened during her supposed intimate 35th birthday celebration with family and friends.

Photo Source: The Philippine Star

Her video smearing the waiter with icing did not sit well with many netizens and so she was criticized for her “rude behavior.” Amid the issue, Alex apologized to the waiter and had her public apology. However, even her apology received criticism.

This issue also gave way to the production people to air their grievances against the actress-vlogger. There were those who said that they witnessed the “bad attitude” of Alex Gonzaga toward people behind the camera.

In her recent article in her Inquirer column Dollywood, writer Dolly Anne Carvajal also shared her thoughts on the recent issue involving the sister of Toni Gonzaga. The writer said that when the video of Alex with the waiter went viral, she remembered the time when her son IC Mendoza cohosted the defunct TV5 showbiz-oriented show Juicy with the actress-vlogger.

alex gonzaga ic mendoza
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Back then, Alex was not super famous yet. But even then, she was already an “eksenadora,” the entertainment writer said. Now that Alex is reaping the fruit of being famous, Carvajal said that it is not surprising for her to know that celebrity “gets embroiled in controversies that she thrives on.”

Her rude behavior towards the waiter goes to show that fame has harmful side effects when not handled properly,” Carvajal added.

Meanwhile, entertainment writer Cristy Fermin who was also one of the hosts of Juicy, previously revealed that Alex Gonzaga would always come late to the set. Cristy attested to Dina Bonnevie’s previous complaint against the actress-vlogger who allegedly made them for many hours.

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