Jobless Man Pretends to Go to Work After Fired From Job a Year Ago “I dare not tell my wife”

Jobless Man Pretends to Go to Work After Fired From Job to Avoid Wife’s Wrath

A jobless man is pretending to go to work every day after he was fired from his job a year ago “I dare not tell my wife”

An employee from Hong Kong has been fired from his job a year ago, but he continues to go to work every day on the sneak out of fear of telling his wife and family the truth. He even tried to find another job but failed to do so.

He anonymously shared his situation on Office Daily’s Facebook page on January 5, 2023. On January 16, 2023, the South China Morning Post featured his story. It appears that the 46-year-old man’s identity was kept a secret. He didn’t even disclose his former job.

Jobless Man

He said he was just on a three-week leave when he was dismissed. The jobless pretended to depart for work by leaving the house. He said, “I dare not tell my wife.”

Unfortunately, he is currently having trouble adjusting to his double life. He claims that in order to have a valid reason not to leave their home, he always waits for public holidays.

The anonymous man uses funds from his savings as if he were still receiving a paycheck. However, he worries that he won’t be able to keep up the act of having a job. He intends to continue doing it until January 22, the Lunar New Year.

Jobless Man

The latter can still purchase new clothes and gifts for his kids using his savings.

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