Jake Cuenca Has No Regrets When It Comes To Love

Jake Cuenca talked about what he went through in his love life

Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca said that he has no regrets when it comes to love as he embraces both the joy and the pain.

Jake went through a hard breakup with actress Kylie Verzosa and he was not ashamed to show his vulnerable side while dealing with the pain brought about by their separation. In an interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, the actor said that pain has become his friend.

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It is because he realized that life is indeed full of ups and downs. “Parang, I accept life in all its terms and conditions. I can’t just love life when things are happy and then hate it when things are bad,” he said.

Jake Cuenca also said that he is learning now to see the beauty in life and when bad times come, he is trying to find laughter in them. He stressed that in life, not all time good things are happening and so he is training himself to see the good in every situation even if it is bad.

When it comes to his love life, the actor said that he is ready to embrace both joy and pain. “When it comes to love, you can’t really regret things because when it was there, it made me very happy and now that it’s not here, I can’t hate it or I can’t get mad at it. I can only look back at it with joy, but it also makes me sad because it’s not there anymore,” Jake said.

He also shared a few details about himself. The actor admitted that when he was younger, he does not want to be alone. However, this has changed as he is older now. Jake said that he is enjoying his solace. In his solitude, he is able to enhance his creativity.

When asked why he can’t stand being alone when he was younger, Jake Cuenca said that he thinks that he has always been a social butterfly. “I think I enjoyed the noise; I enjoyed being in loud places, with a lot of people,” he added. However, now that he is 34, he realized that his creative process comes out when he is alone.

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