Kylie Verzosa Shares Details About Her Breakup w/ Jake Cuenca

Kylie Verzosa was asked about the heartbreak she went through in 2022

Award-winning actress Kylie Verzosa shared details about her breakup with Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca.

Kylie and Jake were among the showbiz couples who ended their relationship last year. In previous interviews, both of them admitted that moving on took a lot of effort and they chose not to find someone new for now.

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In a recent interview on King of Talk Boy Abunda’s The Interviewer Presents on YouTube, Kylie was asked some questions about her past relationship with Jake and the heartbreak that she went through.

The actress admitted that heartbreak is one of the things that makes her sad. She described it as “so hard.” It has been so long since she went back to that chapter. Kylie Verzosa said that she does not want to call it a “failed relationship” or “it did not work out.

For her, “it ended.” She has this perspective because she and Jake both helped each other and benefitted from the relationship. The actress also said that it was a good relationship and they became better people.

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Kylie also shared that the breakup did not come abruptly and it was not done immediately. She said that it was a long process because it really happened. The actress also said that she is more aware that it was coming. “We both came to terms with it eventually,” she added.

When asked about the reason for their breakup, Kylie said that no one knows about it and it is just between her and Jake, and she intends to keep it this way. She believes that what they had was beautiful and she does not want to tarnish anyone’s name.

Then, Tito Boy asked the actress what she badly wants that she does not have, she said a “stable boyfriend” in the future but not in the near future. Kylie Verzosa also shared that the best thing about Jake Cuenca is that he is such a good person and a great actor. “A lot of things I know now are because of him and I owe him a lot,” the actress added.

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