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Lotlot de Leon Reveals Real Relationship with Mom Nora Aunor

Lotlot de Leon Reveals Real Relationship with Mom Nora Aunor

Are Lotlot de Leon, Nora Aunor in Good Terms or Not?

LOTLOT DE LEON – The actress made a clarification on her relationship with her adoptive mother, Philippines’ Superstar Nora Aunor.

All the children of Superstar Nora Aunor entered the showbiz industry, Ian de Leon, her biological son with ex-husband Christopher de Leon, is an actor. The veteran actress and actor also adopted Lotlot, Matet, Kiko, and Kenneth who also joined the showbiz industry.

Being a celebrity family, a lot of things happening between them are not a secret to the public. Like other families, there were instances when conflicts rose between family members. The difference is that the public usually has a say on the celebrity family problems.

It is no secret to the public that Nora Aunor and some of her children have previous rifts. Meanwhile, in the case of Lotlot de Leon, the actress clarified that she and her mother are currently on good terms. Her statement came amid the rumors that she and her adoptive mother are not okay and she even did not visit her on Christmas eve.

Nora Aunor
Photo lifted from PinoyAbroad

Based on a report on Pep, Lotlot de Leon released a statement through Pep contributor Rommel Gonzales clarifying that she was supposed to visit Nora Aunor on Christmas eve. According to the actress, she was with her husband, children, and her ex-husband, Moching Gutierrez.

However, Lotlot said that Nora requested them not to go anymore because she was not feeling well. She has cough. Thus, the actress did not push through with the visit to her mother instead let her rest.

Lotlot de Leon
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Lotlot de Leon stressed that she and Nora Aunor are in good terms. According to her, they even saw each other last December 20.

“Okay ang relationship namin ng mommy. Nagkakausap kame, nagkikita, nag te-textan. Wala problema between us,” Lotlot said based on the article.

Lotlot stressed that Nora clearly knows why she was not able to visit her on Christmas eve. She hopes that people will try to know the truth before making any assumption.

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