Eraserheads: Why 90s band decided to have a reunion concert?

This is the reason why Eraserheads decided to have a reunion concert

90s popular band Eraserheads decided to have a reunion concert after two decades since they disbanded.

Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raymund Marasigan captivated the music enthusiasts of their generation. Although they decided to stop playing music together in 2002, their songs still remained in the hearts of many people.

eraserheads reunion concert
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Fans have been anticipating their reunion and to see them together on stage once again. After three years of conceptualizing, based on the article in ABS-CBN News, the band is finally making their fans ecstatic.

In a recent interview, they were asked why they finally said yes to their reunion concert. “Personally speaking, I said yes out of morbid curiosity. I just wanted to see how it will turn out, how we would collaborate on this, how the band would conceptualize the show, stuff like that, artistic stuff,” Ely, the vocalist of Eraserheads said.

For Raymund, the perfect timing is the factor that he considered. Coming out of the lockdown, he said that people have extra time.

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Buddy, on the other hand, said that concert producer Francis Lumen is a big factor for him. The producer asked them nicely and they all agreed. He believes also that there is always a demand for the band to perform.

“It just so happens that this year, after lockdown, people want to come out and people want to experience live shows again. Like Raymund said, it was perfect timing,” Buddy added.

Ely also said that they hope the audience will see what they expected, and even more, in the concert. Buddy added that they want the people to hear how they would play their old songs as they have evolved over the years as musicians.

Ang Huling El Bimbo reunion concert of Eraserheads will be held at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Paranaque City on December 22. This is directed by Paolo Valenciano.

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