Alex Gonzaga Traumatized When An “Artista” Did This To Her

This is the incident that traumatized Alex Gonzaga when she was just new in the industry.

ALEX GONZAGA – Celebrity-vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed a story that happened to her before that got her traumatized.

A depressingly relatable song from the latest album by Taylor Swift is called “Anti-Hero”. This song is about the singer-songwriter’s insecurities and anxieties in life both publicly and privately. It reflects her doubts about the people she trusts the most which is the reality of many people nowadays.

And the anti-hero syndrome is also the same thing Alex Gonzaga is suffering and this is because of her loud personality.

She’s accordingly painted as the bad guy always and she noticed that people around her just judge her easily.

But what she learned after everything is that what actually matters are her core people and not the people who don’t know her personally. Her husband, family, friends, and sister who knows her never said anything bad about her and this made her realize the significance of her core people. They are the ones who believe in her.

In the same video, she shared a story about her experience with an actor who is older than her. This happened when she was just in her 20s and this particular actor painted her as the bad guy in the scene. He spread a story about her and the people he told about it believed the story.

Many believed the stories of the older actor and she did nothing but just keep her silence because what matters is that she knows her truth.

Listen to her story below:

Meanwhile, Alex is among the most successful vloggers and content creators in the country with over 12 million subscribers. Apart from vlogging, she is now doing podcasts and her channel for her podcasts now has over 60k followers on YouTube.


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