Alex Gonzaga Speaks About Deleted Controversial Video With A Male Friend

This is why Alex Gonzaga deleted this video with Fifth Solomon.

ALEX GONZAGA – In an interview in Toni, vlogger Alex Gonzaga shared the reason why she deleted this video with her friend.

Among the most subscribed celebrity vloggers in the country is Alex Gonzaga. She was also the first celebrity to do vlogging. She inspired a lot and her vlogs showed her real personality. And having the chance to be able to do something that never requires less of her is something she is grateful for.

She was the one who influenced her family to do it. Her parents Daddy Bonoy and Mommy Pinty have a joint channel and her sister Toni Gonzaga also has her own. Toni’s videos on YouTube are not about her personal life. Her videos were about the life of the people she interviewed.

And just recently, in the talk show Toni, the very own talk show of Alex’s sister, she appeared as a guest. In this interview, she talked about one controversial video she uploaded and deleted eventually.

This video was with her male friend Fifth Solomon. Their friendship started in Pinoy Big Brother and through the years, it has become deeper. She regretted some things she shared in a vlog but on top of everything was the prank she pulled on Fifth.

Alex Gonzaga and Fifth Solomon

In the interview, she explained that what happened was just a joke and that is how they tease each other. However, when uploaded on the internet, the video was criticized and misinterpreted. It was blown out of proportion.

She was told to take it down and she did. She then explained, “Kasi parang for me, nung time na yun, ganito kami magbiruan. Once na nilagay mo siya sa internet, it’s public property na so anyone can watch it and anyone can make an interpretation ang maging iba yung impact sa kanila. So you really have to be careful.”

And being a vlogger for many years now, she learned how to perceive which is which in the comments written in her videos. She now knows how to determine which comment is criticizing and which is helping.

Watch the interview below:


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