Alex Gonzaga Post Stirs Pregnancy Speculations

Alex Gonzaga

What is the news? Alex Gonzaga has this post that caught attention online. ALEX GONZAGA – The famous actress-vlogger has this intriguing post that was flooded with congratulatory messages. In 2021, famous actress-host Alex Gonzaga suffered from a heartbreaking miscarriage. She is married to Mikee Morada, a businessman and politician in Lipa. She was told she … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Fulfills Wishes Of Fans In Her Latest Vlog

Alex Gonzaga

“Dear Alex, Baka Naman…” is a new segment in Alex Gonzaga’s channel, and here’s her first episode. ALEX GONZAGA – As a way of giving back, Alex Gonzaga introduces a new segment for her channel called “Dear Alex, Baka Naman…”. Among the most controversial personalities in the local show business industry is Alex Gonzaga. She … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Traumatized When An “Artista” Did This To Her

Alex Gonzaga

This is the incident that traumatized Alex Gonzaga when she was just new in the industry. ALEX GONZAGA – Celebrity-vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed a story that happened to her before that got her traumatized. A depressingly relatable song from the latest album by Taylor Swift is called “Anti-Hero”. This song is about the singer-songwriter’s insecurities … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs Insensitive? Actress Reacts To This

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs

Alex Gonzaga vlogs are insensitive? ALEX GONZAGA VLOGS – The vlogs of the Kapamilya actress Alex Gonzaga are accordingly insensitive to which has earned a reaction from the female star herself. Aside from being an actress, Kapamilya star Alex Gonzaga is also known for her vlogs which have always entertained a lot of people making … Read more