What Is a Gerund & Its Examples Used in Sentences

WHAT IS A GERUND – Are you looking for the definition of gerund and some examples used in sentences?

One of the English topics is gerund. It is important to know its key function to be able to determine it from action words in present tense form as they appear very similar in form but they serve different functions in a sentence.

Gerund & Gerund Phrase – Their Meaning & Examples

Meaning & Examples of Gerund & Gerund Phrase

GERUND & GERUND PHRASE – Here are their meaning and as well as some examples in English.

In the English subject, there are lessons that serve as foundation. Their value and usefulness extend to other lessons not only under English but also in other subjects.

The eight(8) Parts of Speech is one of the English lessons that are vital in learning the other lessons under the subject. Among these eight(8) parts of speech are the noun and the verb.

The noun refer to the name of a person, place, event, or thing while the verb refers to the words indicating the action in a sentence. Do you know that verbs can actually function as nouns in a sentence?

Gerund & Gerund Phrase

A verb functioning as a noun in the sentence is called a Gerund. They are formed by adding -ing in the action word. They usually come in a phrase that serves as the whole subject of the sentence. This phrase is called a Gerund Phrase (GP).

For Example:

Watching television is my favorite thing to do every afternoon.

  • Verb: watch + ing = watching
  • GP: watching television

Other Examples:

Passing the qualifying exam already means a lot.

  • Verb: pass + ing = passing
  • GP: passing the qualifying exam

The singing of a song inside the classroom is prohibited.

  • Verb: sing + ing = singing
  • GP: singing of a song

Cooling the water outside the fridge is impossible.

  • Verb: cool + ing = cooling
  • GP: cooling the water

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