Dependent Clause Examples: Samples of Clauses that Stand Alone in a Sentence

DEPENDENT CLAUSE EXAMPLES – Below are samples of dependent clauses or clauses that can stand alone being used in sentences.

One of the English topics is clauses. There are two (2) kinds – the dependent and independent clauses. It is very easy to determine one from the other when you know how they mainly differ.

Dependent Clause & Independent Clause – Their Meaning & Examples

Meaning & Examples of Dependent Clause & Independent Clause

DEPENDENT CLAUSE & INDEPENDENT CLAUSE – Here are their meanings and as well as some examples.

Under the English subject, a composition may start from a word to a phrase then a clause, a sentence, and then to paragraphs. Among these, what is uncommon to most people is a clause.

Clause is discussed in the elementary level. It consists a subject and a predicate but may convey an incomplete idea.

There are two(2) types of clauses – the dependent clause and the independent clause. That is what we will discuss in this article.

Dependent Clause & Independent Clause

Independent Clause

Clauses categorized as independent are those that can stand alone in a sentence. It has a subject and a predicate and conveys a complete idea or meaning.

For example:

  • The dog is barking at the stranger.
    Subject – dog
    Predicate – is barking at the stranger
  • The rain stopped after a while.
    Subject – rain
    Predicate – stopped
  • The cup is filled with water
    Subject – cup
    Predicate – filled with water

Dependent Clause

Contrary to independent clause, a dependent clause do not express a complete idea. Here are some examples wherein the dependent clauses are italicized.

  • The gardener won’t come if it will rain.
  • Due to the huge prices of the shoes, Margaux bought only three pairs.
  • In case the driver will arrive, give him the money for the gas.
  • Romeo will follow Juliet to the woods if she won’t be home by 12 midnight.

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