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Guide on the Meaning of “Predicate” As Part of Sentence & Its Examples in Sentences

PREDICATE – Here are the meaning of this part of a sentence and examples used in sentences.

One of the most important lessons in English is the part of a sentence. It is vital in learning or comprehending the other lessons taught under the said core subject.

The parts of a sentence is among the lessons taught in the elementary level. It may also be taught in high school and college with a different degree of complexity.

On the initial side of this lesson, one of the parts of sentences taught in the elementary level is subject. The other one is what we will talk about in this article.


What is a “Predicate”?

In the lesson about the parts of a sentence, the subject refers to a person, place, event, or thing being talked about in the sentence. The predicate refers to what the person is doing or the details about the subject.

Most predicates do not start in big letters as they are usually action words or verbs indicating what the subjects are doing. In some cases, they are giving further information about what is talked about in the sentence.

Examples of predicates in sentences…

  1. The chef cooked delicious viands.
  2. The tree bent amid the typhoon.
  3. The dog wiggled its tail when Josie came.
  4. Naika’s birthday was celebrated yesterday.
  5. The security guard roamed around the school twice.
  6. Christmas Day is important to him.
  7. The candy is sweet.
  8. Olive is pregnant.
  9. Duchess is very beautiful.
  10. Mr. Alberto crossed the street for us.

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