Xander Ford Asks Donation from Donnalyn for His In-laws’ Operation

Xander Ford Asks Donation for the Operation of His In-laws from Donnalyn

Social media personality Xander Ford asked for donation from vlogger-influencer Donnalyn Bartolome for the operation of his in-laws.

Donnalyn recently criticized Xian Gaza for writing on Facebook that every woman at a VIP table at a pricey club has a sugar daddy. On Sunday, Donnalyn reacted to Xian’s reported derogatory remark about women.

Xian then uploaded the receipt from the VIP club he visited in Singapore, which included a receipt worth a staggering P195,000, on his Facebook page. Donnalyn offered to cover Xian’s tab at the club as proof that women could afford VIP tables at pricey nightclubs.

The vlogger was instructed to pay back the money by Xian. Donnalyn begged Xian to send his bank account so she could pay him with assurance. As he does not want to take advantage of Donnalyn, whom he regards as a friend, Xian declined the offer.

Marlou Arizala, a.k.a. Xander Ford, observed their conversation and asked Donnalyn if she could simply give him the P195,000. Xander claims that he requires the funds to cover his mother-in-law’s hospital and medical expenses.

Xander Ford Donnalyn Donation

Almost a month ago, according to Xander, his in-laws were involved in a motorcycle accident. Xian, in contrast, told Xander that he would only send them his prayers and good thoughts. Regarding Donnalyn, he has not yet received a response from her regarding giving him her P195,000.

Xander Ford Donnalyn Donation

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