Wilbert Tolentino Leads Online Scam Syndicate – Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Reveals Wilbert Tolentino Allegedly Leads an Online Scam Syndicate

‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza revealed that talent manager Wilbert Tolentino allegedly leads an online scam syndicate.

After Zeinab Harake, a friend and fellow YouTuber of Gaza’s, was implicated in this widely publicized ‘Rebelasyon’ last Sunday evening, Gaza has made heavy accusations against Wilbert Tolentino. Xian claims that he will take all necessary action to defend his friend.

Wilbert Tolentino Online Scam

Xian pounded the businessman and talent manager in a more than eight-minute video and a string of Facebook posts. First of all, Wilbert is a well-known online personality. His payment to influencers in exchange for some content partnerships is astounding.

The main query, according to Xian, is “Where does this person’s money actually come from?” despite the fact that Wilbert’s name is not mentioned in the video. The talent manager’s money is allegedly from “easy money,” which is why Xian says he should swiftly release it for some internet clout.

The talent manager is allegedly a mastermind and ringleader of a credit card fraud and online scam gang, which adds weight to the serious accusations made against the online star. Extortion, phishing, and other online frauds are also part of the unlawful operation in the aforementioned industry.

Being a confident gambler, Xian is willing to stake everything on the veracity of his source, who claims to be a former Wilbert employee. All regular Filipinos are victims of the operations of the aforementioned companies, he continued.

The online personality believes that she will reveal the stink of the talent manager who she said washed her hands off her illicit operations despite being openly biased in favor of her pal Zeinab.

You may read more of his subsequent Facebook posts online, including testimony from his former workers and claims that the talent manager was involved in an Isabela cyberporn operation. Regarding Xian’s serious claims, Wilbert is mum in his reporting.

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