Call Center Agents Suffer Physical Abuse from Human Traffickers – BI

BI Reveals Call Center Agents Victimized by Human Trafficking Suffers Physical Abuse The Bureau of Immigration (BI) revealed that call center agents victimized by human trafficking suffered physical abuse. According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, the most recent group of repatriates are all victims of human trafficking who were famished and tortured by their employers … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Leads Online Scam Syndicate – Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Wilbert Tolentino

Xian Gaza Reveals Wilbert Tolentino Allegedly Leads an Online Scam Syndicate ‘Pambansang Marites’ Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza revealed that talent manager Wilbert Tolentino allegedly leads an online scam syndicate. After Zeinab Harake, a friend and fellow YouTuber of Gaza’s, was implicated in this widely publicized ‘Rebelasyon’ last Sunday evening, Gaza has made heavy accusations against … Read more