Antonyms Examples (Definition and Examples Of Antonyms)

ANTONYMS EXAMPLES – Here are some examples of antonyms and understanding the definition of this through some examples.

An antonym is the word opposite in meaning to another. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs can all have antonyms but not all. A single word may also have several or multiple antonyms.

What Are Antonyms? Meaning And Examples

What Are Antonyms? Meaning And Examples

WHAT ARE ANTONYMS – In this topic, we are going to learn and know the meaning of antonyms and identify some of the examples.



By definition, antonyms are two words that have exact opposite meanings from each other. By opposite, it means that the meaning of the other word it is compared to is the other way around.

The counterpart for antonyms are synonyms, which means two words that have a similar or same meaning. The term synonym itself is the antonym for antonym, for example.


Here are some of its examples:

  • Above
    • Below
    • Under
    • Underneath
    • Beneath
  • Doctor
    • Patient
  • Young
    • elderly
    • old
    • mature

There are times that the antonym is not an entirely different word since applying a prefix to the word is one way of making one.

The prefixes used to create an antonym are dis-, in-, mis- , un-, and non-. Here are some of the examples:

  • Dis
    • Appear – Disappear
    • Belief – Disbelief
    • Able – Disable
    • Honest – Dishonest
    • Mount – Dismount
  • In
    • Capable – Incapable
    • Tolerant – Intolerant
    • Discree – Indiscreet
    • Different – Indifferent
    • Considerate – Inconsiderate
  • Mis
    • Behave – Misbehave
    • Lead – Mislead
    • Read – Misread
    • Spell – Misspell
    • Understanding – Misunderstanding
  • Un
    • Breakable – Unbreakable
    • Believable – Unbelievable
    • Acceptable – Unacceptable
    • Dying – Undying
    • Like – Unlike
  • Non
    • Stop – Non-Stop
    • Entity – Nonentity
    • Existent – Non-existent
    • Sense – Nonsense
    • Fiction- Nonfiction

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