2 Bus Drivers Tested Positive for Illegal Drugs Use in Quezon City

2 Bus Drivers in Quezon City Yields Positive Results for Illegal Drugs Use

Two (2) bus drivers tested positive for allegedly using illegal drugs during random drug testing in Quezon City.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) administered the random drug test. The LTO reports that two out of the 93 drivers of public utility vehicles tested positive for using illegal drugs.

Bus Drivers Positive Drugs

The two bus drivers’ driver’s licenses were seized and given to the LTO central office in accordance with the Philstar report. The LTO’s “Oplan Ligtas Kalsada Kontra Droga,” which strives to safeguard the safety of road users, was in line with the drug test.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the local police, and the administration of the Araneta Center bus stop in Cubao worked together to coordinate the drug tests. In the meanwhile, the LTO has urged drivers to refrain from operating a vehicle when impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs in order to prevent collisions.

Additionally, it stated that anyone captured would face heavy punishments, including criminal charges. According to LTO data, more than 400 of the 538 traffic incidents that occur in NCR annually are the result of drunk drivers.

In the interim, the organization started its “LTO on Wheels” initiative in an effort to expedite transactions for its clients. Its initial stop served police officers and their families at Camp Karingal in Quezon City. It can process new and expired driver’s licenses and 400 vehicle registrations each day.

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