Broken Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway After Fooled by GF

EDSA Busway

Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway for Being Broken-hearted Due to His Girlfriend Authorities successfully stopped an alleged broken-hearted man who runs amok in EDSA Busway after being fooled by his girlfriend. InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) posted on Facebook that a man is reported to have been yelling before vanishing after discovering that his … Read more

Security Guard Runs Amok, Shots 2 Men After Ran Out of Food

Security Guard Shots 2 Men After Runs Amok Due to Food Shortage Two (2) men were killed after a security guard runs amok and began shooting when he allegedly ran out of food in Makati City. The suspect, a security guard at South Forbes Park Village in Makati City, is being wanted by the police. … Read more

Former Soldier Runs Amok After Child Fails to Get 1st Honor

Former Soldier

Former Soldier in Cebu City Runs Amok After Child Allegedly Fails to Get 1st Honor CEBU CITY – A former soldier runs amok after his child allegedly failed to get the first honor title in school. Nowadays, some parents are expecting their children to acquire academic awards and achievements. Most of them just want the … Read more

Raging Man Runs Amok Tries To Hit Pedestrians w/ Baseball Bat

Raging Man

Police Hunts Raging Man Who Runs Amok and Tried To Hit Pedestrians w/ Baseball Bat QUEZON CITY – A raging man runs amok and tries to hit the innocent pedestrians with a baseball bat in Quezon City. A CCTV footage caught two pedestrians walking along Roosevelt Avenue heading to a mall in Quezon City when a … Read more

Police Arrests Man Who Allegedly Ran Amok at Motel in QC


Man Who Allegedly Ran Amok at Motel in Quezon City Arrested by Police Authorities The police authorities arrested a man who allegedly ran amok at a motel in Quezon City and hits several vehicles during the chase. The Facebook page Philippine Star has shared the video footage of a man arrested by the cops after … Read more

Arrogant Man Possessing Gun Runs Amok, Challenges Police Arrested

Arrogant Man Possessing Gun Arrested After He Runs Amok and Challenges Police Police arrested an arrogant man possessing after he runs amok and challenges the law enforcers in Sta. Cruz, Manila. The Manila Police District (MPD) identified the suspect as Bonifacio San Roman, 44, a young man, resident of 2325 Pasig Line St., Sta. Ana, … Read more

2 Workers Suffer Critical Wounds After Being Stabbed by a Drunk Clan

2 Constructions Workers Stabbed by a Drunk Clan After They Run Amok A painter and his nephew, both construction workers in Bulacan suffered from severe wounds after being stabbed by a drunk clan who runs amok. In a report of Remate, a 40-year-old painter is in critical condition while his nephew, a construction worker, was … Read more