Vice Ganda and His “500K Ngipin”, Here’s A Vlog

Superstar Vice Ganda dental treatment reaches half a million pesos.

VICE GANDA – This is the dental treatment and procedure Vice Ganda went through that reached Php 500,000.00.

Good oral health is very essential. Dental plaque must be removed to keep it clean and healthy and to avoid decay. Good dental health helps you speak clearly and taste, chew, and swallow properly. In addition, you should see your dentist regularly for some cleaning and checkups to ensure proper oral health.

And celebrities like Vice Ganda must invest in matters like this because of their status. Being a celebrity, the first thing the public will always notice is their appearance and many people are hawk-eyed that even the slightest flaw is visible to them.

For a nice set of teeth, Vice decided to get Zirconia Crowns & Veneers. This is a dental restoration method that helps improve the function of the teeth and the look. Doing veneers is the procedure that covers the front of a tooth while crowning covers the whole tooth.

And these kinds of dental restoration procedures are costly. For the first session, Vice had her upper set restored first. It was made based on his desired shade and after installing the permanent, it brought great changes to his appearance. He looked more pleasing and his smile looks perfect.

Towards the end of the vlog, he asked his dentist the price of the said procedure. Truthfully, his doctor answered and revealed that the method done on the upper set of his teeth alone costs Php 500,000.00 and will approximately reach a million in total if the lower set should be done.

Watch the vlog below:

Here are some comments:

Sana all , kaya mgpaveneer , nakakatuwa ka talaga Meme Vice

tawang tawa ako sa paglalag ng ngipin nya…kalerki ka Meme

Super nice ng teeth mo Meme!!

Lakas din tlg makaganda pag maganda ung ngipin

bawi na yong 500K sa kita na vlog na to. sana all


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